Government = Anarchy

We always live in anarchy, and that the real question is what kind of anarchy we live under, market anarchy or non-market (political) anarchy. Society is always in anarchy. A government only abolishes anarchy among what are called “subjects” or “citizens,”  but among those  who rule, anarchy prevails. – Alfred G. Cuzan, Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy?

Government apologists always project characteristics of government onto what they call “anarchy”; chaos, disorder, violence, theft, rule by the strongest criminal gang, etc.

All of those characteristics are true of government, which makes popular stereotypes of “anarchy” rather ironic.

A more accurate example of anarchy is your local farmer’s market; no violence or coercion, just peaceful trade among free individuals.

The word “anarchy” simply means “without rulers” (not, “without rules”). This makes the rulers themselves the true “anarchists”.  The rulers recognize no higher authority than themselves, and they always create exceptions for themselves to the rules they enforce on everyone else.

The rules don’t apply to the rulers. They do whatever they want.

The result is that governments are responsible for 262 million murders in the 21st century alone, a phenomena referred to as Democide.

Governments and rulers match the stereotype of the violent, bomb-throwing anarchist perfectly.

Only without these anarchists can peace be possible.

Government = Anarchy